Drawing painting

Drawing painting
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What do you think about painting, drawing and speaking english together? We offer english lessons not only for foreigners... Improve your english thanks to your hobby... You can learn talking about your art, you can start your career abroad... You have doors open everywhere...


Classes are offered either in regular 120-minute blocks, or multiple-day courses and workshops, held on weekdays in the afternoons and early evening hours

  • Painting (still life, landscape, urban space, figure drawing)
  • Painting (still life, landscape, urban space, figure drawing, fantasy)
  • Computer Modelling & Visualization
  • Photography
  • Special Techniques (silk painting, gilding, encaustic, asphalt painting and more ...)
  • Combined Technique
  • Basics of Filming


Our studio also holds art camps and workshops in the open air, with various themes
(landscape small scale, landscape large scale, architectural environments - exterior, interior, detail...).
External teachers from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Brno, FVU, FA CTU in Prague are invited to all the open air workshops.

VŠUP in Prague, as consultants:

  • Landscape Drawing (detail, architectural space, natural landscape...)
  • Landscape Painting (detail, architectural space, natural landscape...)
  • Individual Programmes (according to skill level and course type)
  • Final Exhibition (artwork on display for public viewing)
  • Experimental Design (draft, sculpture)
  • Lectures by Leading Czech and Foreign Lecturers from Various Disciplines  


More about the Drawing Painting Course on our website Malování kreslení.


Drawing painting in english - fine art studio in Prague

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